Making Money and Gambling

In the UK and America there are a multitude of ways to gamble. Exorbitant sums of money are involved with respective governments receiving substantial income in the form of taxes. Socially, gambling has been exposed to opposition morally and singled out legally as a corrupt trait in some societies. Never the less gambling continues to rise as a major form of relaxation and as a way either, legally or illegally, of making money.

As long as there have been human beings gambling, or games of chance as they are commonly known, has been in existence. It was around the mid thirteenth century that dice first came to prominence in Greece, although a similar form of entertainment was used by the Ancient Egyptians called “Knuckle bones.” Playing cards were first attributed to China in the ninth or tenth century. They were then taken up by Europeans in the fourteenth century, probably Italy, using a pack with 78 cards. It was a hundred years later before the standard pack of 52 cards became accepted as the norm. But as well as these games, betting on sports such as horse racing and dog and cock fighting enjoyed popular appeal. In all of us there is a the appeal of winning money for little or no effort but, there are still mixed feelings toward the various forms of gambling available today.

Religion is prominent in many societies today. In some it is more dominant than politics and influences many of the decisions governments make. In fact many religions condemn gambling. Although Catholic countries were the first to start playing lotteries seriously. It is the fact that gambling can be attributed to greed and corruption and can be the downfall of many that fosters the beliefs of the anti-gambling faction. Gambling has also been linked to alcoholism with many games of chance taking place in public houses. The fact that drinking alcohol can also be associated with violence and lust does nothing to help the pro gambling lobby. The fact also that there are winners and losers with the winners gains offset by the loser’s losses (although the poker games I have played in this never works out!).

Here in the UK things are a bit more relaxed. Have a look at these figures:

8% of adults play bingo

11% of adults use licensed betting shops

62% of all households play the National Lottery on a Saturday

33% play on a Wednesday

The above figures were taken from Social Trends 1998 so today those figures could be considerably more. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, had forthright views on gambling. He said “that a Christian should be a steward of money and not own it” and “money should not be gained through means which could harm one’s neighbour” i.e. pawnbroking or charging excessive interest on loans.

Not everybody connected with religion has taken such a stance. The soon to be Anglican Bishop of Exeter, Robert Mortimer, said in 1933 that not all forms of gambling were immoral. He actually did some research into the various forms and decided that some forms of gambling were a “legitimate indulgence” which no institution had the right to ban completely.

In 1948 an international congress of Anglican Bishops were concerned about the after effects of gambling on not just gamblers but their families as well. In fact, when Premium Bonds were first introduced in 1956, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher, condemned them as private gain divorced from responsibility.” This was backed up by the then shadow Chancellor, Harold Wilson, as a”squalid raffle.”

Many governments now take a back seat when it comes to deciding issues on gambling, realising than prohibition would condemn the problem to underground activities, therefore losing revenue.

One more point in gambling’s favour. As early as 1569 it was used as a means of raising funds for public projects.

So there it is, not all forms of gambling are bad.In fact some are quite therapeutic. As long as indulgences are not taken to excess there is not much harm done. It is when gambling takes over one’s life that problems arise. The motto is “know your limits and stay safe”.

Three Simple Rules to Help You Make Money Betting on Horses

Betting on horse races is extremely risky. If you’ve been trying to make money betting on horses then you’ve probably already figured that out. The first thing you should do when gambling and taking chances with your money is to set some loss limit rules. Whether investing in stocks, commodities, futures, or horse racing, the first rule is always, protect your bankroll or capital as best you can.

So the first simple rule for making money at horse racing betting is to limit your losses. You do this in several ways. First of all, limits must be applied and you must stick to them no matter what happens. Gambling and taking chances seem to contradict money management and setting limits, but trust me, the small minority of people who actually do make money gambling do so by being excellent money managers. If you have trouble in that area, here are some tips…

1. First of all, set a win-loss limit for the day. I know it sounds strange to set a win limit, but in gambling, whether you’re winning or losing, you have to know when to quit. The number one reason that people lose at gambling is because they don’t quit when they’re ahead or stop when they’re getting too far behind. The limits you set should be based on reasonable goals. If you take $100 to the race track and set the goal of making $50, that might be reasonable. When you win, go home.

On the other hand, if your total bankroll is $1,000 setting the daily limit of $100 is also reasonable. It means you can play for ten days using the same amount each day. If you’re a good handicapper and money manager, you might be able to make a profit with that kind of time span. Only take as much money with you as you are willing to lose in one day. Never take more. That way you won’t be tempted to break the rules and get into your stash when you’re on a losing streak.

Why is that important? Because a big part of gambling success is having confidence in yourself and knowing you’ll do the right thing and stick to a systematic method. Once you start breaking your own rules and feel yourself losing control, it will affect your decision making and that leads to disaster.

2. Secondly, only bet on horses when you have a strong opinion. If you bet on a horse you should be able to write down why you bet it and why it was a good bet at the odds you got for it. If you can’t make a case for the horse and the odds, then it wasn’t a good bet.

3. Do not expect to play every race. People who play every race at the horse track are not handicappers or horse players. They are thrill seeking gamblers and will lose everything. That’s a fact. I’ve seen it over and over again. They may be pretty good at picking winners and will probably enjoy a win streak for a while, but eventually, all the money and thrills will be gone and they’ll be out trying to raise more money for their next binge.

Discover How Professional Sports Bettors Make Money Gambling on Sports!

Betting on sports is a huge hobby for millions of people around the world. It’s exciting and an easy way to make any game more interesting. Here’s a question that is easy to answer for most people – Wouldn’t it be better to WIN money betting on sports?

Easy question right?

Of course it’s better to win money – that’s the goal of every sports bettor! And thankfully, there are ways that you can profit from betting sports. Today we take a closer look at what the pros do to make money.

Professional sports handicappers have one common trait that the average bettor lacks – discipline!

All too often people will bet more than they should or let their emotions get the best of them when they are on a winning or losing streak.

I see it all the time – someone starts “chasing” and betting big after a losing streak (they try to make it all back) or they big large when on a hot streak.

This pattern can be deadly to your bankroll as you can see it quickly evaporate!

Pros will also be able to spot both their strengths and weaknesses. For most, there are certain sports that they do very well in and other that they struggle with a bit.

As an example, I’ve had great success in baseball and NCAA basketball. However, betting on hockey has given me a hard time. Therefore, I rarely place wagers on the NHL unless there is something I’m very confident in.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still look for ways to make money betting on hockey, however I’m not going to risk any substantial money until I’m more confident in my results.

Lastly, look for “angles” that have a history of working and capitalize on them. For example, in the NBA it can be profitable to bet against a team that is playing the second game of a back-to-back, especially if they travelled the night before. Their opponent should not have played the night before.

A tired basketball team can easily account for a few baskets – a crucial consideration when you’re betting against on the point spread.

I won’t automatically bet against a team in this case – I do look for other things – but I pay close attention to the schedule! Very few people do, but I’m happy to take advantage of it when the timing’s right.

To Make Money Gambling by Betting on Baseball – Use a Baseball Betting System, Not Emotion

I have received so many questions about betting on baseball and do most gamblers really implement a system to find a batch of winning picks. The answer is yes. I subscribe to a baseball picks system. However, I also like to look at games outside of the system.

The next question I get is how come many bettors like to wager outside of their systems? Well, the main reason is they just like wagering too much to bet only with systems. They start to get emotionally involved with the teams. They want to see the hometown team play and they like to feel the highs and lows when they have money riding on them. So when these teams don’t show up in their subscribed baseball picks, they place wagers outside of their sports betting system.

The real challenge here is the lack of handicapping. When betting on baseball, extreme care needs to go into your wagering. The idea is to win and money to buy cool stuff, put money into the bank, pay bills, etc. But I can guarantee you that most people are losing a majority of the games they bet on. Why? The games aren’t handicapped properly to put the bettor in the best possible light to win the bet.

A point that I like to make is that there are many ways to bet on MLB baseball. But I recommend, unless you are professional handicapper or you have been doing your own successful handicapping for a long time, use a baseball betting system to overcome the odds and win big. It’s a funny thing about odds. You can bet on two games and win one and lose one and still lose money because of the betting and payout odds. This is why I usually let a professional handicapper select my games for me. I want to win!

To rack up a huge winning streak betting on baseball, you have to overcome the sports own unique odds and if you are making picks outside of any sports betting system you need some intimate knowledge of the sport. Plus you will need to spend time researching and handicapping. I spend countless hours working on my own analysis to make my own choices to make money from gambling daily and I still get picks from my baseball picks from a system. I don’t rely upon luck or emotion when I gamble because I like to win and win regularly.